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United Press International 05-18-2007 (A Million Little Pieces)

United Press International 05-18-2007 (A Million Little Pieces)

‘Million Little Pieces’ settlement: $2.35M

NEW YORK, May 18 (UPI) — “A Million Little Pieces,” the memoir found to be partly fiction, will cost its New York publisher big bucks: $2.35 million for readers wanting reimbursement.

Random House has agreed to reimburse readers who bought James Frey’s book before Jan. 26, 2006, around the time he confessed he’d lied about aspects of his chemically enhanced life, including an 87-day stint behind bars, the New York Daily News reported Friday.

A federal judge earlier this week approved the preliminary settlement to resolve several lawsuits filed by those who read Frey’s memoir.

The publisher said hardcover readers who return page 163 with their claim could be reimbursed as much as $23.95. Paperback book owners who return the cover and claim could receive as must as $14.95. CD and cassette buyers will also be reimbursed.
If most of the book’s readers seek a refund, however, the average payout will fall because Random House said it set aside only the $2.35 million.

Readers gobbled up the book after Oprah Winfrey gushed about its redemptive quality during a talk show in 2005. Sales after the show zoomed to 3 million.

United Press International

NOTE: Chicago attorney Thomas A. Zimmerman, Jr., of the Zimmerman Law Offices, P.C., is co-class counsel for the plaintiff’s class in this litigation and nationwide settlement.

United Press International 05-18-2007 (A Million Little Pieces)


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