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CBS 2 News 09-18-2006 (E. coli Spinach)

CBS 2 News 09-18-2006 (E. coli Spinach)

Local Restaurant Sues Over Lost Spinach

Restaurant Sues Spinach Grower For $40

Katie McCall

(CBS) GLENVIEW A Chicago attorney filed a class action lawsuit Monday on behalf of restaurants damaged by contaminated spinach.

CBS 2 North Suburban Bureau Chief Katie McCall reports a Glenview restaurant wants cash for the spinach that went in the trash.

Hamilton’s Restaurant says the grower, Natural Selection Foods should have to pay every restaurant back for the spinach they purchased but could not serve.

Customers have been coming to Hamilton’s Restaurant in Glenview for over three decades, and while the name of this laid-back neighborhood eatery has changed, they say the food has not.

“The food is consistent. Every time I’ve had something, it was always good,” said customer Lolita Sayadian.

But for now, some of the most popular items are not available because of the nationwide fresh spinach scare.

“I will say I am disappointed. Spinach is my favorite vegetable,” said customer Jenice Bayer.

“The best thing they have here is spinach pie,” said customer Trudy Miller.

Owner George Grekousis had to throw out five cases of bagged spinach on Friday. Now he’s suing the spinach grower, who he says acted irresponsibly.

“Send a message that somewhere along the line somebody did something wrong,” Grekousis said.

Grekousis lost just $40 worth of spinach but he says it’s not about the money.

“We want to ensure that it will not happen again, either in spinach or any other products,” Grekousis said.

His attorney believes other restaurants will join the suit to hold the grower accountable.

“I’ve heard from any number of restaurants who had to throw out their spinach because they didn’t want to run the chance of harming any of their customers,” said attorney Tom Zimmerman.

Natural Selection Foods was not available for comment.


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