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How an IDFPR Lawyer Can Navigate State Licensure Challenges

Securing Your Professional Future

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Since 1996, Thomas Zimmerman has been the beacon of hope for professionals across all fields. Our clients include doctors, dentists, psychologists, veterinarians, optometrists, insurance agents, and other professionals. We steadfastly represent those who find themselves navigating disciplinary sanctions against their Illinois state license.

Are you worried about a complaint spiraling into a full-blown internal investigation? Be proactive. Reach out to an trusted Illinois state licensure attorney at the Zimmerman Law Offices, P.C., by calling 1-312-767-6463. Schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your legal options.

At Zimmerman Law Offices, P.C., our seasoned legal team doesn’t just react. We prepare, defend, and lead professionals like you through the complexities of state licensure issues. Whether you’re applying for a professional license or standing before the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation in Chicago for a disciplinary hearing, we’re your steadfast ally.

Navigating Licensing with an IDFPR Lawyer: Essential for Professional Success

The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) plays a pivotal role in the oversight of over one million professionals across 100 different industries. The IDFPR ensures that professionals, from doctors, dentists, and real estate agents, to medical cannabis dispensaries, meet the rigorous standards required for their professions.

The IDFPR designs its comprehensive licensing process to protect the public. The organization is divided into four key divisions: Banking, Financial Institutions, Professional Regulation, and Real Estate. Each division has its own specific focus and set of responsibilities.

The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation

The Division of Banking is tasked with the licensure and oversight of state-chartered banks, trust companies, and a variety of other financial institutions. It aims to maintain the safety and compliance of Illinois’s banking system with relevant laws.

The Division of Financial Institutions regulates a wide range of non-bank financial entities. These include credit unions, consumer finance companies, and money transmitters. Its goal is to ensure these institutions operate within the framework of state laws and regulations.

The Division of Professional Regulation is crucial for professionals in Illinois. This division requires licensure in fields such as dental, medical, engineering, and more. It ensures that applicants are properly qualified and that those licensed adhere to strict regulatory standards.

The Division of Real Estate focuses on the licensure and regulation of real estate professionals. Thus, ensuring they meet legal and professional standards to protect consumers in real estate transactions.

Protecting Your IDFPR License Status

If you are navigating the complex landscape of professional licensing in Illinois, working with an experienced Chicago IDFPR attorney is vital. Licensing issues can range from application difficulties, compliance concerns, to disputes over professional conduct.

Our experienced IDFPR lawyer possesses the knowledge and expertise necessary to guide professionals through these challenges. Our goal is to ensure that every professional meets all regulatory requirements and maintains their ability to practice their profession.

When an individual conducts an IDFPR license lookup or checks your IDFPR license status, what they find is important. Any challenges to your license need to be addressed promptly and completely. Our team at Zimmerman Law Offices can provide the support and advice you need to navigate the IDFPR’s regulatory environment successfully.

Illinois Department of Insurance Oversight

The Illinois Department of Insurance (DOI) is tasked with the regulation and licensing of professionals and entities in the insurance sector within the state. It ensures public protection by strictly enforcing insurance laws, overseeing market practices, and assessing the financial health of insurance providers operating in Illinois.

At Zimmerman Law Offices, we focus on defending and safeguarding the licenses of insurance professionals under the oversight of the DOI. Navigating through this intricate regulatory environment, we offer comprehensive legal assistance.

Our deep understanding of insurance law and proactive legal approach ensures our clients remain compliant with DOI standards. Our goal is always protecting their operational integrity within Illinois’s dynamic insurance sector.

Successful Appeals Against Agency Rulings

Facing an unfavorable decision from an agency can be daunting. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a denial of a license application or disciplinary action against a current license. However, our professional license defense attorneys have a proven track record of appealing such decisions effectively. These appeals often lead to overturned rulings or remands for new hearings, safeguarding our clients’ professional interests.

Trusted Representation for Licensure Challenges

Our legal team at Zimmerman Law Offices brings years of experience to the table, assisting individuals and businesses in obtaining and retaining their licenses. We staunchly advocate for licensed professionals during state agency investigations, audits, and disciplinary actions. For assistance with any of these legal issues, reach out to our dedicated legal team today.

Department of Financial
and Professional

To effectively carry out its various activities, the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) is comprised of four divisions. The IDFPR licenses over one million professionals in approximately 100 different industries. The IDFPR protects the public by ensuring licensed professionals are adequately tested and qualified for their professions through enforcing and maintaining rigorous standards. The IDFPR regulates the following professions:

Beauty & Barber Learn More → Dental Learn More → Engineering Learn More → Home Inspection Learn More → Medical Learn More → Nursing Learn More → Pharmacy Learn More → Psychology & Social Work Learn More → Real Estate Learn More → Roofing Learn More → Security & Locksmiths Learn More → Other Professions Learn More →

Significant Results In representing medical, insurance and other professionals, Zimmerman Law Offices has obtained many favorable results for clients, including:

  • Successfully appealing to the Illinois Circuit Court the IDFPR’s suspension of a doctor's license. The suspension was vacated and reversed.
  • Successfully appealing to the Illinois Circuit Court a denial of an application for a pharmacist's license. As a result, it was the first time in Illinois that a graduate of a Russian pharmacy school was granted a license in Illinois.
  • Successfully sued the IDFPR to compel it to return stolen patient records.

Zimmerman Law Offices has also represented a wide range of professionals facing a variety of legal allegations such as:

Appraisal Management Corporation:

improper appraisal assignments, failure to have written comprehensive payment policy


alcohol dependence


exceeded scope of practice, assessing improper fees

Beauty Shop Owner:

employing unlicensed cosmetologist


exceeding patient boundaries, inadequate patient records, practicing on animals

Clinical Laboratory:

CLIA condition-level deficiencies, sanctions imposed against the lab and its director

Clinical Professional Counselor:

abuse finding on health care worker registry, misrepresentations on license application, criminal convictions, insufficient education

Clinical Psychologist:

public disclosure of patient records

Clinical Social Worker:

unlicensed practice, filing a false report

Collection Agency:

unlicensed debt collection

Commercial Driver Training School:

failure to maintain student instruction records, failure to have qualified instructors, deficient course instruction

Community Association Manager:

withholding association documents, criminal convictions


performing unlicensed barber activity, denial of application for licensure

Cosmetology School:

loss of accreditation


exceeding the scope of practice

Daycare Facility:

owner’s criminal convictions


patient abandonment, fraudulent billing, sanitation deficiencies, continuing education, substance abuse, inadequate controlled substances logs


unlicensed practice


improper use of supplies for self-treatment

Energy Broker:

managerial and technical licensing requirements


unlicensed activity prior to licensure, improper delegation of duties, improper charting, patient care issues, misrepresentations on license application

Funeral Director and Embalmer:

termination for posting inappropriate photos

Home Inspector:

inadequate home inspection, continuing education

Insurance Agency:

embezzling premium trust money, DOI audit of records, failure to remit premiums

Insurance Producer:

altering documents, criminal convictions, fraudulent claims

Locksmith Agency:

overbilling, failing to adequately supervise employees, false advertising, failure to have branch office license

Massage Therapist:

improper touching of patient, fraudulent application


false statements on job and license applications, improper actions toward patient, misappropriation of medication, impairment due to alcohol abuse


practicing without an Illinois license, continuing education issues


making supportive orthotic devices without authority


improper filling of prescriptions, diverting controlled substances, forging prescriptions, denial of application for licensure


quality control deficiencies

Pharmacy Technician:

diverting controlled substances, fraudulent prescriptions


professional misconduct, overprescribing controlled substances, termination of clinical privileges, substandard care, exceeding patient boundaries, substance abuse, inadequate medical records, homicide, diverting controlled substances, importing unregulated prescriptions

Physician Assistant:

diverting controlled substances, failure to diagnose

Private Security Contractor:

criminal convictions

Professional Design Firm:

exceeded scope of allowed engineering services

Professional Engineer:

inadequate experience

Real Estate Appraiser:

generating misleading appraisal, USPAP violations, generating fraudulent appraisal, continuing education, unlicensed appraisal

Real Estate Broker:

aiding the unlicensed practice, continuing education, failing to disclose licensed status, failing to provide documents, commingling escrow money

Real Estate Broker Corporation:

failing to return earnest money, IDFPR audit of records, aiding the unlicensed practice, improper advertising, operating without a managing broker, charging improper fees

Real Estate Managing Broker:

improper record keeping, failure to supervise, continuing education


criminal convictions, inadequate work, operating beyond the scope of license

Security Alarm Agency:

employing untrained and unlicensed contractors


improper patient care, inadequate records

We have successfully represented over 1,000
licensed professionals in dozens
of different professions.

Medical Practice Act Section Declared Unconstitutional

We convinced the circuit court to declare a provision of the Illinois Medical Practice Act unconstitutional because it prohibited courts from staying the enforcement of disciplinary sanctions imposed on physicians until a final resolution of the administrative review proceeding.

Seminal Decision Overturning Clinical Lab Director Sanction

We obtained the first decision in the nation that ruled a sanction imposed against a lab applies only to the person who directed the lab at the time of the infractions, and it does not apply to any former or subsequent lab director.

First Russian Pharmacy School Graduate Licensed in Illinois

We appealed the IDFPR’s denial of an application for licensure as a pharmacist to the circuit court and won. This was the first time that a graduate of a Russian pharmacy school was issued a pharmacist license in Illinois.

Expanded the Scope of Professional Design Firm Licensure

We obtained a variance from the IDFPR to allow a company with a professional design firm registration to provide structural engineering services in Illinois.

Contact a Chicago Health Care Professional's Attorney

Attorney Zimmerman provides experienced, effective representation regarding a license application denial or defense against charges of ethics violations, fraud or professional malpractice. Contact us or call 1-877-440-0020 to schedule a free initial consultation.


Real Estate Broker Accused of Failing to Provide Required Documents

A real estate agent filed a complaint with the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) alleging that a broker failed to provide the agent with a signed copy of the agent's Independent Contractor Agreement, as required by the Illinois Administrative Code. Prior to filing his complaint with the IDFPR, the agent had breached the Agreement by surreptitiously having his real estate license transferred to another broker under false pretenses and without providing any advance notice to the broker, and the broker had lodged a complaint with the IDFPR arising out of the agent's professional misconduct. We demonstrated to the IDFPR that the agent had been given a signed copy of the Agreement, and the agent's complaint was merely an attempt to exact vengeance on the broker for previously lodging a complaint against the agent. The IDFPR closed the file with no discipline taken against the real estate broker.


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