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Personal Injury

The Aggressive Chicago Attorneys in Personal Injury Law

Personal injury claims are some of the most common lawsuits filed in the Chicagoland area. If you have been injured and are looking to seek compensation, it is vital to work with a law firm that is experienced in assisting victims of personal injury.

As one of the top personal injury lawyers in Chicago, Zimmerman Law Offices, P.C have secured more than $350 million in verdicts and settlements for our clients due to the experience and passion that drives our Chicago attorneys at Zimmerman Law Offices.

Our track record of successful cases speaks volumes on behalf of the countless injured victims and surviving family members of wrongful death claims. We take an aggressive approach to litigation because we understand you have physically and emotionally suffered enough damage. We give you the peace of mind to let us handle your case, so you can focus on healing.

Maximum Compensation for Personal Injuries

Zimmerman Law Offices pursue the maximum award from insurance companies and responsible parties. From car accidents and product liability to medical malpractice and negligence, our personal injury attorneys fight on your behalf so you don’t have to.

More Than $350 Million in Verdicts and Settlements

Zimmerman Law Offices, P.C., aggressively pursues justice against those responsible. Our Chicago personal injury lawyers have secured more than $350 million in jury verdicts and settlements for victims of injuries and for surviving family members in fatal accident/wrongful death claims and other litigation.

Representing clients in the greater Chicago area, including Cook County, DuPage County, and Lake County, the firm seeks maximum compensation for all types of personal injury claims, Including:

No Case is Too Big or Too Small

Any injury due to negligence deserves compensation, and we are here to make that happen for you. From slip and fall accidents and worker’s compensation to traumatic brain injury resulting from catastrophe, Zimmerman Law Offices has veteran trial lawyers with experience in all types of personal injury cases.

Life-Changing Injuries

Any type of accident has the potential to cause long-term, life-changing injury or even death. Our attorneys understand how overwhelming and devastating these injuries can be, affecting your potential to work, be independent, and handle small tasks on a day to day basis.

We work with top-tier medical experts to help our clients develop life care plans. These long-term plans include options for caregivers, accessible doors and ramps, safety bars, medical equipment, conversion vans, physical therapy, medication, and future surgery.

Chicago’s Premises Liability Injuries

The owners of both public and private properties are responsible for your safety. Slip and fall accidents can cause serious injury, and any property owner owes any individual on their property an environment that is free from harm. If you’ve been injured on someone else’s property, you have a right to be treated with the duty of care by the property owners, who are responsible for your injury.

Attorney Tom Zimmerman is one of the top premises injury liability attorneys in Chicago, Il. He has represented clients who have been injured due to defective sidewalks, sudden stops on public transportation, and accidents on wet or icy roads.

If you’re looking for an aggressive Chicago premises liability attorney, look no further than Zimmerman for help.

The Personal Injury Law Firm You Can Count On

We fight for you because you have been through enough. Your life and the lives around you have all been affected by your injury, and too often it’s due to preventable negligence.

At Zimmerman, we believe in accountability and fairness, which means the maximum compensation for your personal injury or premises liability case. Your life has been disrupted and possibly forever changed, so we want to help make things right.

Contact a local and experienced personal injury attorney that will aggressively fight for your case. Our attorney Tom Zimmerman handles all types of premises liability claims and personal injury cases in Chicago, Illinois.

With hundreds of successful cases won by his firm, you can rest assured that Mr. Zimmerman and his team of attorneys are well-versed in personal injury and premises liability law, so we can win your case as well.

Please contact us now to schedule a free consultation and case evaluation. Available to meet at your convenience, we will come to you in the hospital, or your home, or invite you to meet us in our office, any day of the week.

This case is about you and how you deserve to be treated – with respect, dignity, and full legal representation at your side.


Premises Liability from Fall in Front of Restaurant

$1 million recovery for 70-year-old woman who fell in front of a restaurant, caused by a jagged metal 2-inch post protruding from the ground. The post was the remnants of an old canopy that was removed from the storefront. The woman sustained several fractures and other injuries causing prolonged hospitalization and pain.


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