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We Represent Roofing Professionals

Zimmerman Law Offices represent roofing professionals before the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR). For professional licensing or if there is a complaint against you and your professional license, an experienced Chicago IDFPR attorney at Zimmerman Law Offices can represent you.

Apply For Your License?

“Roofing contractor” is one who has the experience, knowledge and skill to construct, reconstruct, alter, maintain and repair roofs and use materials and items used in the construction, reconstruction, alteration, maintenance and repair of all kinds of roofing and waterproofing as related to roofing, all in such manner to comply with all plans, specifications, codes, laws, and regulations applicable thereto, but does not include such contractor’s employees to the extent certain exceptions apply. (Source: 225 ILCS 335/2). For assistance in clarifying whether you or your employees need a roofing license, as well as other rules and acts for roofing professionals, turn to the attorneys at Zimmerman Law Offices.

Defend Your License

If there is a complaint against your roofing contractor license or roofing contractor qualifying party license, we understand that your career and reputation are at stake. Mr. Zimmerman has been successfully defending clients from disciplinary actions against their licenses since 1996. Chances are, we have seen a case like yours and will work carefully to deliver your case.

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If you are serious about applying for a license, or defending your license and protecting your career, please contact the Zimmerman Law Offices. We defend professionals in all industries, including roofing professionals, against charges of ethics violations, fraud or professional misconduct. Set up a Free Consultation today by calling 1-877-440-0020.


Roofing Contractor Accused of Inadequate Work After Roof Fails a Village Inspection Test

A roofing contractor was hired to put a new roof on a residential home, which entailed tearing off two layers of shingles from the old roof, replacing rotting plywood, and installing new shingles. When a village inspector came to inspect the roof, he walked on it and claimed that it did not feel firm but instead felt “soft and springy.” The inspector erroneously concluded that the roofing contractor did not correctly nail the new plywood to the beams, and the roof failed the village inspection. This caused the homeowner to file a complaint with the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR), and we represented the roofing contractor at an informal disciplinary conference. We explained to the IDFPR that the materials and span of the plywood used in the installation of the roof are what caused it to feel “soft and springy” when the inspector walked across it, due to the fact that the plywood was only 3/8 inches thick and the trusses were 24 inches wide. The village inspector came back a second time, and the roof passed the inspection. We were able to prove that the roofing contractor’s work met all professional standards, and the IDFPR closed the file with no discipline imposed on the roofing contractor.


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