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Home Inspection

Representation For Home Inspection Professionals

Chicago Attorneys Representing Home Inspection Professionals Before IDFPRThe Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) ensures that professional licensure qualifications are properly evaluated, and that regulations are accurately applied and vigorously enforced. Zimmerman Law Offices represents home inspection professionals before the IDFPR. We can assist you with proper licensing, renewals, and defense should you find that your professional license is as stake.

Get Assistance When Applying For A License

All Illinois home inspectors must be licensed by the IDFPR. You must pay the required fees, pass the state exam, and be sure to keep a valid license and renew it if it is going to expire. The qualifications, rules, and acts of the IDFPR are often complex and may confuse you if you are not familiar with them. The attorneys at Zimmerman Law Offices deal with the IDFPR on daily basis and have in depth knowledge in order to help clients meet high standards.

There’s No Need To Fight Alone

Attempting to deal with the IDFPR without attorney representation can be overwhelming and result in unfortunate consequences. Instead of fighting alone and becoming confused or lost within the complex rules and acts of the IDFPR, an attorney from Zimmerman Law Offices can sensibly handle your case with proper dedication and experience. Since 1996, attorney Thomas Zimmerman has successfully resolved a wide array of complex legal issues involving home inspector professional misconduct, including allegations of failures to observe readily visible and accessible installed systems and components listed as part of a home inspection and report deficiencies and visible signs of water.

Are You Being Investigated?

We seek to deliver the best results possible. If you are being investigated by the IDFPR, schedule your free initial consultation with Zimmerman Law Offices. There is no risk, please call today at 1-877-440-0020.


Home Inspector Accused of Inadequate Home Inspection

The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) accused a home inspector of failing to find moisture in a home’s crawl space. The crawl space flooded after the home was sold to a new owner. We argued that the inspector’s home inspection report documented the presence of moisture stains in the crawl space, and also documented that the crawl space vents were blocked. In the report, the inspector recommended that these deficiencies warranted attention and repair, and he further recommended that a qualified licensed water proofing contractor seal a crack in the home’s foundation to prevent further water intrusion into the crawl space. The inspection report also documented that the grading around the house had an improper, moderate slope towards the foundation. We produced weather reports showing that there were torrential rains and flooding in the neighborhood two weeks after the home inspection, and we argued that any moisture and mold in the crawl space were likely caused by the home’s structural and grading deficiencies and record-breaking storms. The IDFPR closed their file with no disciplinary action taken against his license.


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