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Applying for a License

Illinois Professional License Application Lawyers

Chicago Professional License Application Lawyer

Zimmerman Law Offices, P.C., has substantial experience with the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) and Illinois Department of Insurance (DOI). We can assist you, whether you are trying to gain licensure or are in need of representation to defend your license. Mr. Zimmerman is an experienced professional license application attorney who has successfully persuaded IDFPR and DOI attorneys and their Boards to issue professional licenses in Chicago and throughout the state.

License Application Process

To begin the licensure application process, you must submit a completed application form, required supporting documents and an appropriate fee. The IDFPR and DOI maintain detailed licensure requirements for each profession, and the Acts and Rules for each profession contain the licensure requirements.

The IDFPR and DOI licensing and testing divisions process the applications, review the applicant’s history and, if necessary, assemble a professional licensing board or committee to review the applications more closely. Along with reviewing the applications, the licensing and testing divisions may also administer appropriate tests and, if the applicant meets all necessary requirements, they will issue a license to the applicants.

Extensive Experience

The Zimmerman Law Offices, P.C., has substantial experience with the IDFPR and DOI and can assist you, whether you are trying to gain licensure or are in need of representation to defend your license.

Our law firm’s founding lawyer Thomas Zimmerman has represented clients seeking professional licenses since 1996. He has a thorough understanding of the IDFPR’s and DOI’s licensing and testing divisions, and he also has an in-depth understanding of the tests and requirements applicants must meet.

To obtain your license, it is strongly advised that you retain the services of a qualified and knowledgeable attorney who understands the workings of the IDFPR and DOI.

The IDFPR denied an application for licensure in the following instances. We represented these applicants, and convinced the IDFPR to approve the applications and issue the licenses:

  • Architect disclosed DUI convictions on the license renewal application 
  • Esthetician applicant was accused of performing unlicensed activity prior to receiving a license
  • Cosmetologist engaged in unlicensed practice prior to receiving a license
  • Collection agency was accused of operating without a license
  • Community association manager had conviction for possession of a controlled substance
  • Daycare facility owner had a felony conviction
  • Professional engineer did not have the required experience
  • Funeral director and embalmer intern posted inappropriate photos on social media
  • Home inspector had insufficient continuing education
  • Insurance producer failed to disclose a felony conviction
  • Insurance producer had a conviction for theft 
  • Physician engaged in professional misconduct and solicited a prostitute
  • Physician was terminated from prior employment
  • Massage therapist made misstatements on the application
  • Nurse had a retail theft conviction
  • Nurse had a history of substance abuse and several felony convictions 
  • Licensed practical nurse had a history of substance abuse
  • Nurse was accused of rough handling of patients
  • Pharmacy had quality control deficiencies
  • Licensed professional counselor had domestic battery conviction 
  • Clinical professional counselor had insufficient education
  • Real estate broker fraudulently certified his continuing education compliance
  • Roofing contractor had felony convictions

Department of Financial
and Professional

To effectively carry out its various activities, the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) is comprised of four divisions. The IDFPR licenses over one million professionals in approximately 100 different industries. The IDFPR protects the public by ensuring licensed professionals are adequately tested and qualified for their professions through enforcing and maintaining rigorous standards. The IDFPR regulates the following professions:

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Attorney Zimmerman provides experienced, effective representation regarding a license application denial or defense against charges of ethics violations, fraud or professional malpractice. Contact us or call 1-877-440-0020 to schedule a free initial consultation.


Pharmacist Application Denied to Russian Woman

The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) denied a Russian woman's application to become a licensed pharmacist. We obtained documents and sworn statements from her pharmacy school in Russia, and represented the woman in a formal administrative hearing at the IDFPR. The IDFPR administrative law judge (ALJ) upheld the denial of her license application. We appealed the ALJ's ruling to the circuit court and won. The circuit court reversed and vacated the ALJ's decision, and the court allowed the person to become licensed. As a result, this was the first time that a graduate of a Russian pharmacy school was granted a pharmacist license in Illinois.


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