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Hiring a Car Accident / Civil Litigation Lawyer in Chicago

03/24/2022 ~ Tom Zimmerman

Civil Suits and Civil Litigation Unlike those who found themselves involved in disputes during the Middle Ages, modern society allows us to resolve our differences in court rather than engaging in physical battles. Nevertheless, the idea of getting involved in a lawsuit can be stressful and intimid...

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Selecting a Business Transactions Lawyer in Chicago

12/17/2021 ~ Tom Zimmerman

Most small business owners and budding entrepreneurs never hesitate to call on the valuable services of an accountant when they first begin their foray into the business world. They will also likely select a reliable insurance agent to make sure they have the necessary insurance policies in place. H...

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A Professional License Defense Attorney in Chicago

10/08/2021 ~ Tom Zimmerman

Discusses Real Estate Professionals and Negligence Claims If you are a licensed real estate professional, certain aspects of your business can make you susceptible to lawsuits. While it is perfectly understandable that mistakes can happen when you’re balancing clients, prospects, multiple listing...

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Expert Civil Litigation Lawyer in Chicago

09/02/2021 ~ Tom Zimmerman

Civil litigation attorneys are vital for anyone planning on filing a claim or defending against one. As highly trained and experienced legal professionals specializing in investigating and prosecuting non-criminal cases, our civil litigation lawyers will work diligently to ensure your rights are pro...

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Pharmaceutical Injury – Contact a Consumer Protection Lawyer

04/30/2021 ~ Tom Zimmerman

One of the largest industries in the world is the pharmaceutical industry, and people depend on this industry for life saving medications every day. This makes for an extremely competitive market, and companies are often in direct competition to get a drug out to the public for a specific illness. T...

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