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Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death Lawyers in Chicago

Wrongful Death Attorneys ChicagoIf you have lost a loved one due to the negligence or actions of others, contact Zimmerman Law Offices, P.C. of Chicago, Illinois about filing a wrongful death lawsuit. Pursuing a claim against those responsible for a tragic loss enables the grieving surviving family members to recover economic losses and emotional damages, and may prevent it from happening to someone else.

Chicago wrongful death attorney Thomas A. Zimmerman is a highly successful personal injury lawyer representing clients in Cook County, DuPage County, Lake County and throughout Illinois, with verdicts and settlements totaling more than $350 million.

In an effort to find those responsible for a wrongful death, it is the firm’s standard practice to send a pathologist (medical doctor) to the funeral home or hospital of your loved one with your consent. The doctor will perform an autopsy to determine the cause of death, and the firm will use that information to help build your case.

More than $350 million in Verdicts & Settlements

In a wrongful death case, family members can claim damages for medical expenses incurred before death, funeral expenses, lost income and earning potential, and loss of society of the person they are grieving. A fatal accident settlement can ensure that minor children are cared for through establishment of a trust for living expenses and college tuition.

Zimmerman Law Offices, P.C. has obtained many substantial wrongful death settlements awards, in a variety of cases:

  • Fatal car crash (van rollover) leading to death of a child
  • Failure to diagnose chest pain, leading to a fatal heart attack
  • Failure to diagnose and treat fetal distress, resulting in stillbirth
  • Death due to nursing home neglect
  • Negligent performance of cancer surgery, and failure to diagnose the cancer’s recurrence, leading to death
  • Negligent administration of a narcotic, causing death
  • Negligent abdominal surgery, leading to death

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If your family has lost a loved one due to an auto accident, medical negligence, or other cause, contact Chicago wrongful death attorney Tom Zimmerman for a free case evaluation. All personal injury and wrongful death claims are taken on a contingency fee – no attorney’s fees unless Zimmerman Law Offices, P.C. recovers monetary damages.


Wrongful Death from Failure to Diagnose Angina

$2.2 million recovery for the family of a 36-year-old man arising out of a primary care physician’s failure to diagnose angina. The patient told his doctor he was having pain in his arm and shoulder. The doctor wrongly diagnosed it as a musculoskeletal problem, and he did not perform a cardiac examination or order any diagnostic tests. The man had a heart attack and died days later. We retained a handwriting expert who determined that the doctor altered his medical records after the patient died by writing in the records that he performed a cardiac examination on the patient, including fictitious results intending to show that the concocted cardiac examination was normal.


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