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Experienced Chicago Pharmacist License Discipline Attorney

Protecting Your Future in the Pharmacy Industry

Navigating the complex landscape of pharmacy licensing in Illinois can be a daunting endeavor. However, with the right defense, your professional reputation, license, and future in the industry can remain safeguarded. At Zimmerman Law Offices in Chicago, IL, we specialize in pharmacy license defense. Our dedication to representing and supporting the pharmacy industry is unwavering.

Your Trusted Partner in Pharmacy Licensing

The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) has established stringent standards for the pharmacy sector. From initial licensing to dealing with complaints, the process is intricate and demanding. As an esteemed Chicago pharmacy license defense lawyer, Attorney Thomas Zimmerman brings over two decades of experience, offering unparalleled expertise in:

  • License Application Assistance: Securing a license in the pharmacy industry demands meticulous documentation, payment of associated fees, and strict adherence to deadlines. With Attorney Thomas Zimmerman’s expertise since 1996, you can be assured of guidance on necessary paperwork, ideal presentation techniques, and crucial renewal timelines.
  • Defense Against Allegations: Facing charges like malpractice can be overwhelming and detrimental to your career. Leveraging our rich history in representing a myriad of pharmacy professionals, from technicians to pharmacists, we fight to protect your license, providing the rigorous defense you deserve. Our belief is clear – no professional should stand alone amidst accusations.

Real Results for Real Challenges

In the ever-evolving realm of pharmacy, challenges are inevitable. One recent case involved a pharmacist who, battling postpartum depression, forged multiple prescriptions using a physician’s DEA number. Despite the severity of her actions, our diligent representation and presentation of her rehabilitation journey ensured the IDFPR closed its investigation without any disciplinary actions. This is but one testament to our dedication and effectiveness in securing positive outcomes for our clients.

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At Zimmerman Law Offices, we understand the nuances and complexities of the pharmacy industry. Our commitment to protecting your professional reputation is unwavering. We rigorously defend our clients against charges ranging from ethics violations to professional misconduct. If you’re seeking a trusted Chicago professional license defense attorney, look no further.

For a comprehensive discussion on how we can support your pharmacy license needs or defend you against allegations, contact us for a free consultation. Call 312-440-0020 or schedule online. Let our decades of successful outcomes and legal representation work for you. We’re here to represent, defend, and stand by pharmacists and pharmacy technicians – steadfast and determined.


Pharmacist Forged Multiple Prescriptions Using a Physician’s DEA Number

A licensed pharmacist forged multiple prescriptions for Norco using a physician’s DEA number. The pharmacist had been prescribed Norco after having a C-Section and suffering from post-partum depression, and she became addicted to Norco. The pharmacy terminated her employment, and she admitted herself into substance abuse treatment where she received group and individual counseling. Her substance abuse evaluation showed that she had successfully completed treatment, and we provided the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) with letters of recommendation from her previous co-workers. We successfully convinced the IDFPR to close its investigation without imposing any discipline on the pharmacist.


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