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Consumer Rights / Fraud

Chicago Consumer Rights Attorney

State and federal laws protect consumers against abuse in the purchase of products and services. However, many consumers may not know their rights or may feel powerless in seeking reimbursement from large corporations. Zimmerman Law Offices, stands ready to defend the rights of all consumers.

Illinois and Nationwide Consumer Fraud Lawyers

Chicago Consumer Rights Lawyer Tom Zimmerman represents people and businesses in Illinois and throughout the nation in individual claims, business litigation and class action lawsuits to recover compensation for consumer fraud, billing fraud and unfair practices. He is a veteran trial lawyer who has obtained millions of dollars in settlements and jury verdicts in consumer protection cases.

Our firm offers a free case evaluation. Contact our law office toll free at 1-877-440-0020.

Consumer Rights Lawsuits

Various forms of misconduct can violate a consumer’s rights; the most common occur when consumers are most vulnerable. The following are just some examples of how a person’s rights may be violated when purchasing or using products and services:

  • Defective products (drugs, vehicles, toys)
  • Fraud (billing, security)
  • Breach of warranty
  • Breach of privacy
  • Unfair or deceptive practices

When you are wronged by a business or corporation, you may think you have no options. However, under federal laws, such as the Federal Trade Commission Act and the Consumer Product Safety Act, as well as numerous state laws, your rights as a consumer are protected, and you have the ability to enforce those rights. An attorney can help you through the complex process of filing a lawsuit, whether you choose to file on your own, or participate in a class action.

Enforce Your Consumer Rights

Contact Zimmerman Law Offices if you feel a company or individual has taken advantage of you, made false promises about a product or service, or failed to live up to its obligations. Our attorneys have represented thousands of individuals in individual and class action consumer rights lawsuits to secure compensation for consumers who were taken advantage of by a business. Mr. Zimmerman can obtain financial reimbursement, a court order to force a company to honor a contract, an injunction to make the company change its conduct, and additional damages and attorney’s fees. In most cases, our firm will represent you on a contingency fee basis so that we don’t get paid unless we win. Request a free initial consultation on our website, or call us toll free for more information at 1-877-440-0020.


Class Action for Cellulite Cream

$62 million recovery for a nationwide class of customers who purchased products that were advertised to reduce cellulite in the human body. We obtained expert testimony to demonstrate that the active ingredients in the products could not shrink fat cells or fundamentally change the structure of skin, such that the products would have no physiological effect on cellulite in the body. Cash refunds were paid to the purchasers of the products, and the manufacturer changed its advertising to stop making those claims.


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