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ABC7 Chicago 10-5-17 (Crestwood)

ABC7 Chicago 10-5-17

Class action lawsuit filed over Crestwood red light camera

By Jason Knowles and Ann Pistone

Thursday, October 05, 2017 05:45PM

CRESTWOOD, Ill. (WLS) — Illinois motorists are fighting a red light camera intersection in a class action lawsuit filed Thursday.

The lawsuit filed by angry motorists alleges that south suburban Crestwood is breaking the law with its use of red light cameras at a questionable intersection the I-Team recently investigated.

“We are seeking to void out approximately 56,000 red light camera tickets issued, generating $3.1 million for the village,” said attorney Tom Zimmerman.

Three motorists and the group Abolish Red Light Cameras filed a class action lawsuit against the village of Crestwood over the intersection at the corner of Cicero Avenue and Cal Sag Road. They want refunds for those 56,000 tickets, claiming there is no stop lights for drivers to see when they drive through the designated right hand turn lane.

Crestwood officials said drivers could see the light to the left, across the street.

“Cities are suffering and so they are using the faulty system to collect revenue from citizens,” said Bob Fioretti, attorney and former Chicago alderman.

At 10 p.m. the I-Team has more from the safety expert who analyzed the intersection. He spoke exclusively to the I-Team about why he said the designated right-hand turn lane needs its own light if drivers are expected to stop. The I-Team also has more from the Illinois Department of Transportation, and why it says the intersection meets federal guidelines, and why the village of Crestwood says that the red light camera at that intersection is fair.


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