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What is the False Claims Act?

12/27/2018 ~ Tom Zimmerman

The Federal False Claims Act is an effective way to ensure the federal government is not a victim of fraud. In 1986, there were further amendments to the False Claims Act due to the accounts of abuses in the defense contracting industry. Since the amendments were passed, the act has become the feder...

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Grounds for a Class-Action Lawsuit

12/27/2018 ~ Tom Zimmerman

You’ve likely heard of a class action lawsuit, but are you familiar with the conditions that must be met in order to file such a lawsuit? Our business litigations lawyers in Chicago have years of experience with class action lawsuits and the approach to take to have a successful case. Here is more...

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Signs You Purchased a Defective Product

12/05/2018 ~ Tom Zimmerman

Purchasing a product that has inherent defects is not only extremely frustrating, but it can also be dangerous to the consumer. If you purchase a defective product, it is important that you contact a consumer rights attorney in Chicago. In order to win your case, there are certain things that you ne...

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Consumer Fraud: What is It?

12/05/2018 ~ Tom Zimmerman

Did you know that roughly 12 percent, or 32 million American adults, are conned out of their money every year? This growing number is likely due to the increase in the number of delivery systems that are inside homes, including televisions, radios, internet, social media, and mailings. Criminals tar...

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Types of Consumer Protection Cases

10/30/2018 ~ Tom Zimmerman

Have you been a victim of abusive business practices? If so, consumer rights law is an area of law with which you should be familiar. Consumer rights law focuses on holding sellers of both goods and services accountable so that they don’t take advantage of a consumer’s lack of information or bar...

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