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Spotting IRS Imposters

More than ever it’s important to look out for IRS impostors and know what to do if you get a call from a scammer pretending to be with the IRS. Our Chicago consumer rights lawyers are here to help you spot impostors and advise you about what you should do if you find yourself on the other end of this type of phone call.

Who Is This IRS?

IRS stands for the Internal Revenue Service and it’s a government agency that collects federal taxes. Many scammers pretend to be IRS officials, asking you to send them money to pay purported taxes that you owe. This is a lie, no matter what threats they make.

How It Works

You will most likely receive a call that may be an anonymous number or show that the IRS is calling. They could give you a badge number and even your Social Security number’s last four digits. They’ll tell you that you owe money and if you don’t pay immediately, you may be arrested. If you don’t realize it’s a scam and you pay, you’ll eventually find out that it was never the IRS and you lost all that money.

What To Know

The IRS will never call you or send you an email—they will always contact you through the mail with a letter. If the IRS ever asks for payment, they won’t require a specific type of payment (unlike the scams that demand you either pay with a debit card or money transfer).

What To Do If You Receive A Call

If you get a call and choose to answer it, do not give the caller any information, whether it’s personal or financial. Write down the call details, such as the name of the caller and the number from which they are calling. Once you hang up, contact the IRS directly at 800.829.1040 and report the call. As always, let your friends and family know to look out for a similar type of call.

Your Chicago consumer rights lawyers at Zimmerman Law Offices want to make sure you stay safe even if it is through a phone call. Contact us today if you are unsure what to do after being a part of an IRS scam.


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