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Healthcare Law Attorney

11/21/2016 ~ Tom Zimmerman

Healthcare law attorneys in Chicago may represent individual or corporate health care providers in issues involving compliance with regulations. A seasoned healthcare lawyer will be able to provide industry insights and legal advice to ensure proper state and federal licensure, compliance with gover...

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How a Class Action Lawsuit Works

10/31/2016 ~ Tom Zimmerman

What is a class action lawsuit? Class action lawsuits are suits that represent a large group of people, or class, who have been injured in the same way or suffered similar harm of some kind. Class action lawsuits make sense when a large number of people have been affected — generally for small da...

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The Basics of Personal Injury Cases

09/05/2016 ~ Tom Zimmerman

Personal Injury Law If you or someone you love has been injured, experienced property damage, or suffered some other kind of loss you may be able to recover damages. To pursue this, you will build a personal injury case. As with most legal proceedings these cases can be difficult to organize and pr...

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Business Litigation Attorney in Illinois

08/08/2016 ~ Tom Zimmerman

Business Litigation With a wide variety of business litigation attorneys in Chicago and the Chicagoland area to choose from, picking the right attorney can seem downright impossible. Make sure when choosing a business litigation attorney, that you’re choosing someone with the experience to get yo...

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Resolve Your Legal Dispute with a Civil Litigation Lawyer

06/01/2016 ~ Tom Zimmerman

Civil Disputes A civil dispute is usually instituted between organizations and individuals with the goal of seeking payment for monetary damages, or to get injunctive relief for improper conduct. You’ll require a skilled civil litigation lawyer who can offer you a wide range of legal representatio...

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