Class Action Notices

Ferrill v. Village of Villa Park, No. 19 cv 6809

Papeck v. New York Jewelers, Inc., No. 09 CH 31995

Joseph v. Marbles LLC, No. 13 cv 4798

Redman v. RadioShack Corporation, No. 11 cv 6741

Allen v. Illinois School of Health Careers, No. 10 CH 25098

Izak-Damiecki v. World Gym International, No. 10 CH 18845

Diparvine v. A.P.S., Inc. d/b/a Car Quest Auto Parts, No. 11 cv 6116

Joseph v. Beiersdorf North America, No. 11 CH 20147

Village of Crestwood Polluted Water Litigation, No. 09 CH 16096

Comcast P2P Congestion Management Litigation, No. 08 MD 1992

Radaviciute v. Christian Audigier, Inc., et al., No. 10 CV 8090

Aliano v. Joe Caputo and Sons – Algonquin, Inc., No. 09 CV 910

O’Brien, et al. v. Pizza Paninos, Inc., No. 10 CV 2991

Mary Dudzienski v. GMRI, Inc., No. 07 CV 3911

Phillips Randolph Enterprises, LLC v. Home Run Inn, Inc., et al., No. 08 CH 43273

Barrett v. RC2 Corporation, No. 07 CH 20924

Phillips Randolph Enterprises, LLC v. Key-Art Publishing Corporation, et al., No. 07 CH 14018

In re. Kathy Aliano v. Hancock Fabrics, Inc., No. 07-10353

Brady, et al. v. Learning Curve International, et al., No. 06 CH 3056

In re. “A Million Little Pieces” Litigation, No. 06 MD 1771

Hernandez v. Liberty Mutual Insurance Co., No. 06 CH 3539

In re. Chicago Sun-Times Circulation Litigation, No. 04 CH 9757

Cardenas v. Mead Johnson & Company, No. 01 CH 11151

PrimeCo Personal Communications, et al. v. Illinois Commerce Commission, et al., No. 98 CH 5500

In re. Commonwealth Edison 1999 Summer Power Outages, No. 99 CH 11626

Rudman v. United Airlines, No. 98 CH 547

Verdicts & Settlements

Class Action for Power Outages — $7.75 million recovery for a statewide Illinois class of businesses and individuals who sustained financial damages due to widespread and prolonged power outages. The outages resulted from the power company neglecting to maintain its transmission and distribution systems, and from placing electric loads on its cables that exceeded the cable’s ratings. Thereafter, the company made improvements to its power facilities and distribution systems.

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