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World Gym Litigation Summary Notice

World Gym Litigation Summary Notice

If You Purchased a Gym Membership at World Gym at 100 South Wacker, Chicago, IL,
You May Be Part of a Class Action Settlement

If you enrolled in a membership agreement at the World Gym located at 100 South Wacker, Chicago, Illinois, and the membership agreement had an initial membership term of more than two (2) years, you may be part of a class action settlement and may be able to file a claim for cash. This notice is only a summary. For more complete information, please read the full notice at www.attorneyzim.com or write to the address below.

What is the Class Action Lawsuit About?

Plaintiff claims that Defendants World Gym International, LLC and Zone Fitness, Inc. d/b/a World Gym (“Defendants”), offered membership agreements with an initial membership term of more than two (2) years, in violation of Illinois law. Plaintiff also alleges that those membership agreements were deceptively priced. Defendants deny Plaintiff’s allegations, and contend that their conduct was lawful.

What Are the Terms of the Settlement?

Under the terms of the proposed settlement, each settlement class member who submits a valid claim may be entitled to a check for three hundred and sixty-five dollars and seventeen cents ($365.17). For more details, visit the website or write to the address below.

Who Represents Me?

The Court has appointed an attorney to represent the settlement class. Defendants will pay that attorney’s fees and costs up to $70,000 if the settlement is approved. You may hire your own attorney, if you wish, at your own expense.

What Are My Legal Rights?

  • If you wish to remain a member of the settlement class, you do not have to do anything. To receive benefits of the settlement, however, you must submit a claim. If the Court approves the proposed settlement, you will be bound by all Court orders. This means you will not be able to sue Defendants for claims that are covered by the settlement.
  • If you wish to submit a claim form, call First Class, Inc. at 877.264.0300 to request a claim form, visit www.attorneyzim.com and download a claim form, or call 312.440.0020 to request a claim form. All claims, and any required documentation, must be postmarked or otherwise delivered to First Class, Inc. on or before April 1, 2013.
  • If you do not wish to be a member of the settlement class, you must submit a letter to First Class, Inc. / J12003 – World Gym, 5410 West Roosevelt Road, Suite 222, Chicago, Illinois 60644-1490, postmarked or otherwise delivered on or before March 18, 2013. If you request to be excluded from the settlement class you cannot submit a claim.
  • You can tell the Court if you do not like this proposed settlement or some part of it if you (1) file the appropriate papers with the Clerk of Court, Circuit Court of Cook County, Richard J. Daley Center, Chicago, IL 60602, and (2) send a copy of those papers to settlement class counsel, Thomas A. Zimmerman, Jr., Zimmerman Law Offices, P.C., 77 West Washington Street, Suite 1220, Chicago, Illinois 60602, and to counsel for World Gym International, LLC, Donald Patrick Eckler, Pretzel & Stouffer, Chartered, One South Wacker Drive, Suite 2500, Chicago, Illinois 60606, and to counsel for Zone Fitness d/b/a World Gym, Robert J. Slobig, Torshen, Slobig, Genden, Dragutinovich & Axel, Ltd., 105 West Adams Street, Suite 3200, Chicago, Illinois 60603. The papers must be filed with the Court and postmarked or otherwise delivered to the parties’ counsel no later than March 18, 2013.

Will the Court Approve the Proposed Settlement?

The Court will hold a Fairness Hearing on April 22, 2013 at 2:00 p.m. to consider whether the proposed settlement is fair, reasonable, and adequate and to consider the motion for Plaintiff’s attorney’s fees and expenses and an incentive award to the Plaintiff who represents the settlement class.

For a copy of the full Notice of Proposed Class Action Settlement and a Claim Form, contact:

First Class, Inc. / J12003 – World Gym
5410 West Roosevelt Road, Suite 222
Chicago, Illinois 60644-1490

or visit: www.attorneyzim.com


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