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Wrongful Death Lawyer in Chicago Examines Distracted Driving

03/31/2021 ~ Tom Zimmerman

Unfortunately, wrongful death lawyers in Chicago, IL see some of the most serious consequences of distracted driving. While some people still take the chance of texting while driving, responsible drivers understand this behavior is extremely dangerous. Nevertheless, many of these same individuals ar...

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Why You Should Never Face a Medical Board Investigation Alone – Part III

12/15/2020 ~ Tom Zimmerman

Contact One of the Most Dedicated License Defense Lawyers in Chicago, IL When it comes to your professional medical license, there is no such thing as an inconsequential investigation. Working with a knowledgeable license defense lawyer in Chicago, IL will give you the peace of mind that you have...

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Why You Should Never Face a Medical Board Investigation Alone – Part II

11/27/2020 ~ Tom Zimmerman

Contact a Dedicated Medical License Defense Lawyer in Chicago Sooner Rather Than Later As we explained in Part I of this series, it is just as important to reach out to a medical license defense lawyer in Chicago when you are responding to a letter of inquiry from the state medical board, as it is ...

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Why You Should Never Face a Medical Board Investigation Alone – Part I

10/26/2020 ~ Tom Zimmerman

What To Do When You Receive a Letter of Investigation Unlike a medical malpractice lawsuit, a letter of investigation from the state medical board regarding patient care may seem like it’s something you can easily handle on your own. However, this could be a very costly mistake when it comes to m...

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Traumatic Brain Injury in Children Due to Consumer Products

09/25/2020 ~ Tom Zimmerman

A recent study has found that for non-fatal traumatic brain injuries in children, more than 70 percent of these injuries were associated with consumer products. This study also determined that the greatest proportion of all traumatic brain injuries (TBI) were related to sports/recreation products, f...

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