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7 Common Types of Cases for a Civil Litigation Attorney

Is your business in the midst of a dispute with one of the partners? Are you a tenant having problems with your landlord? Perhaps you are in the middle of a real estate transaction and things seem like they are going sideways.

These are all examples of why you should contact a civil litigation attorney. This area of law involves court proceedings for civil disputes, and the attorneys specialize in representing individuals and businesses for these claims. Below are seven types of civil cases typically handled by litigation attorneys.

Two people in court stand blurred in background with judge's hand on gavel in forefront of photo.

Business Disputes

Business disputes can happen in nearly any capacity, and relate to finances, internal relations, accusations of illegal activity, and much more. When you are researching litigation attorneys, look for one with experience in this specific practice area.


Disputes at your place of employment generally arise from differences in personality and grow from there. The cases are sensitive and emotionally fueled, particularly if someone is in danger of losing their job. The burden that puts on a family is understandably intense. Civil litigators investigate both sides to find a fair resolution for their clients.

Family Disputes

Disputes of this kind are very difficult, as it is painful to be in conflict with someone you love. Attorneys will review all relevant documentation and evidence, and hear out all sides of the story. This helps relieve the stress and heated arguments that often result from “he said/she said” situations.

Paper silhouettes of people arguing with gavel resting in forefront of photo.

Financial Disputes

Financial disputes can be some of the most frustrating and stressful situations to deal with. Having a civil litigation lawyer on your side helps immensely. They investigate, review evidence, and know how to handle the other party. Any time an issue arises regarding money, things are bound to get heated, and we recommend contacting a litigation attorney immediately.


There is an aspect of trust that should not be betrayed with all service provider and customer relationships. That being said, disputes still happen, and should be handled professionally. A litigation lawyer discusses the issue with all parties involved, reviews relevant documentation, and works to settle the dispute between landlords and tenants.

Personal Injury

Getting an experienced personal injury attorney is important if you are injured in a workplace accident, vehicular accident, or misdiagnosis. A civil litigation attorney experienced in personal injury cases will go the extra mile to get you the compensation you deserve.

Real Estate Matters

Real estate disputes may involve commercial developers, personal injury, property laws and regulations, or other types of issues. These cases typically have high stakes, and obtaining legal representation quickly is highly recommended.

In sum, when looking for a civil litigation law firm, or any attorney for that matter, do your research. Consider how much experience they have with civil lawsuits like yours, and take advantage of free consultations to find the right attorney for you.

If you would like to discuss your case with our litigation attorneys, please call to schedule a case evaluation.


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