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Travelers Today 10-15-2014

Travelers Today 10-15-2014

Megabus Crash On Interstate 65 Left 26 Passengers Injured, Driver Included

October 15, 2014

Megabus crash on Interstate 65 that happened south of Indianapolis early Tuesday left at least 26 injured. The double-deck commercial bus that carried 50 to 60 passengers overturned and temporarily stopped traffic on northbound lanes.

The bus was traveling to Chicago from Atlanta when the driver tried to avoid another vehicle that was involved in a previous accident in Greenwood, around 12 miles to the southeast of downtown Indianapolis, which only happened just 10 minutes earlier.

The roads were already wet from overnight storms and heavy rain in central Indiana. Chrissy Warrilow, a meteorologist from Weather.com said, “Indianapolis got 0.22 inches of rain between midnight and 4:30 a.m. on Tuesday. Winds were also brisk, blowing from southeast at 15 to 20 mph.”

This was when the bus hit the back of the car and this impact sent the bus into the median area and the other car into a nearby ditch, sending the Megabus crash to rest on its side, according to the statement provided by State Police Sgt. Shawn O’Keefe.

“The driver apparently didn’t see it because of the rain or something and swerved to avoid it,” O’Keefe stated. “The bus driver swerved and ended up turning the bus over on its side, and it went into the median.”

The bus driver was among those who were injured, obtaining bruises, small cuts from broken shards of glass, and possible broken bones.

The Megabus crash occurred at around 4:30 a.m., according to Sean Hughes, the Corporate Affairs Associate Director for Coach USA North America, which is the company that operates Megabus.

“We understand that a number of passengers who were on board the coach at the time have been taken to the hospital,” stated Hughes regarding the Megabus crash. “Our first thoughts and best wishes are with everyone involved. We will be providing assistance and support for all of our customers involved in this incident.”

NOTE: Thomas A. Zimmerman, Jr. of the Zimmerman Law Offices in Chicago represents the injured passengers in a lawsuit.


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