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Latin Post 09-16-2015

Latin Post 09-16-2015

Powerball Numbers And Results September 16, 2015: Watch Live Stream Of Drawing For $185 Million Jackpot

September 16, 2015
By Roberto Ontiveros

Wednesday’s chance to make big money playing Powerball is here. The grand prize is currently at $185 million with a cash value of $116.8 million.

Last Saturday’s winning numbers were 2, 3, 13, 16, 35 and 27. There were 593,222 regular winners, and $6,275,260 in non-jackpot money was won.

There are actually nine ways to play Powerball. Though the odds will likely change in October, currently there is a 1 in 175,223,510.00 chance in winning the grand prize and a 1 in 5,153,632.65 chance in winning $1,000,000.

So the odds of winning are slim, but people do win. The main thing a Powerball player has to do, outside of checking the numbers, is hold on to the ticket.
As Fox News 5 in San Diego reported, two Californian Powerball players have come into over $600,000. One ticket worth $644,000 was sold at a liquor store in the City Heights area of San Diego and another ticket, worth $644,000 as well, was sold at the Simi Valley Smoke Shop in Ventura County.

In other lottery news, a group of winners from Illinois that had been expecting a nice payoff have been informed that they will need to be patient. KFOR in Chicago has reported that 29 lottery winners awaiting their cash will have to sit through a budget freeze before making any big buys.

Stephen Rossi, the spokesman for the state’s Lottery, said, “All winners will be paid in full as soon as the Lottery and the Illinois Comptroller have the legislative authority to do so.”

Thomas Zimmerman Jr., an attorney representing the winners who have decided to file a class action lawsuit against the lottery, said, “People buying lottery tickets assume that a state-run lottery will be fair. The state has the prize money on deposit in the Lottery Fund, yet it is refusing to pay lottery winners. Meanwhile, the state is earning interest on the unpaid prize money.”


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