Huffington Post Chicago 10-28-2015

Huffington Post Chicago 10-28-2015

Watch: Illinois Budget Crisis Ruins ‘Daily Show’ Correspondent’s Hppy Ending

October 28, 2015

“Daily Show” correspondent Jordan Klepper gets super depressed after learning more about the Illinois budget crisis

The Illinois state budget stalemate has garnered so much national attention that Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” last week aired a segment about the crisis.

As Illinois entered its fourth month without a budget, the satirical news talk show sent correspondent Jordan Klepper to interview Danny Chasteen and Susan Rick, an Oglesby couple who won $250,000 on a scratch off ticket in July. Klepper’s intent is to find a story with a happy ending, but Chasteen and Rick haven’t received any of their winnings because there’s no state budget in place. Now they’re suing the Illinois State Lottery for not paying.

After failing to get Gov. Bruce Rauner to sign a giant check, Klepper speaks with Chasteen’s attorney, Tom Zimmerman, in the hopes of finding his “feel-good story.” Let’s just say it didn’t work out too well.

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