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Why You Should Never Face a Medical Board Investigation Alone – Part I

What To Do When You Receive a Letter of Investigation

Unlike a medical malpractice lawsuit, a letter of investigation from the state medical board regarding patient care may seem like it’s something you can easily handle on your own. However, this could be a very costly mistake when it comes to maintaining your medical license. What may seem like a harmless request for medical records or patient information can result in a medical board or licensure action that culminates in the suspension of your medical license – sometimes making these investigations riskier than medical malpractice cases.

Most medical professionals are not properly prepared or trained to respond to medical board inquiries and investigations in a way that benefits their position. Your initial response is extremely important and often determines whether the board dismisses the complaint or proceeds further with their investigation.

Why You Should Call a Professional License Defense Lawyer in Chicago

Just as you would never attempt to represent yourself in a medical malpractice lawsuit – assuming responsibility for taking necessary depositions, examining witnesses during trial, preparing your own trial exhibits, and convincing a jury that your care and treatment of the patient met the standard of care – you should not attempt to handle a medical board investigation without the assistance and expertise of a professional license defense lawyer in Chicago.

If you receive a letter of investigation from the state medical board regarding patient care you rendered, reach out to Zimmerman Law Offices before you respond. Unfortunately, when, as a nurse, physician, or other licensed medical professional, you choose to respond on your own, the results can be as disastrous as attempting to defend your own malpractice lawsuit.

Reduce the Likelihood of Disciplinary Action

The safest, and often least disruptive course of action, is to treat any medical board investigation notice in the same manner you would treat a patient complaint letter or request for records or information from a plaintiff attorney. We have over two decades of experience dealing with medical board actions and we are familiar with the individuals handling the inquiry. This firsthand experience is invaluable when it comes to preparing a response to a letter of investigation – often reducing the likelihood of the investigation continuing any further.

Check back soon to learn more about why you should never face a medical board investigation on your own – in Part II of this series.


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