What to Do If Your Social Security Number is Stolen

Posted on June 15th, 2020 by Tom Zimmerman

As consumers, you trust that when you give your personal information to a company, they will protect it at all costs. Depending on the type of transaction, you give information such as your credit card number, your full name, your address, your income, and your Social Security number. Unfortunately, companies don’t always do a great job at protecting your personal information, and this is where our Chicago consumer rights lawyer comes into play. We can ensure your rights are enforced and that you are protected when you need it the most.

Steps to Take

If you believe someone is using your Social Security number as their own, you may visit the Social Security Administration’s website to file your claim. You can also visit a local office so they can review your file quickly and take action accordingly. You may also be able to take legal action against the hacker or thief.

The Federal Trade Commission

Thankfully, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) helps oversee consumer protection throughout the country, providing guidance to consumers in the event their data is breached. For example, the FTC notes that consumers have the right to place a fraud alert on your credit report and dispute fraudulent charges.

If your Social Security number and your identity is stolen, the FTC recommends that you file an affidavit in addition to a police report. This may seem extreme, but these steps can help block any negative reporting that occurred as the result of identity theft, and lessen the effects of the fraudulent purchases.

If the case progresses to federal court and the thief is prosecuted, you’ll have the right to be updated about the case.

Hire a Lawyer

You’ll want a skilled Chicago consumer rights lawyer on your side if you get hacked and your Social Security number is stolen. Every state has different laws regarding identity theft and it’s important to have a legal team on your side that can work quickly and diligently on your behalf. At Zimmerman Law Offices, we offer free case evaluations so you can determine the best way to move forward with your case. Please call us today at 1-877-440-0020 to get started.

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