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What To Do In A Real Estate Dispute

As your business transactions attorney serving Chicago, Tom Zimmerman knows how often real estate disputes occur. Real estate disputes can be complicated and frustrating, so make sure you have a trusted attorney on your side to help you get the outcome you deserve.


What Is A Real Estate Dispute?

Real estate disputes are legal conflicts concerning real property that may involve large sums of money. Many real estate disputes take a long time to resolve and could involve financial and court resources. There are common commercial real estate disputes such as a breach of lease, zoning violations, or disputes between the property owner and tenant.


Solving A Dispute

Most of the time, there is a damage award that will resolve the dispute, meaning one party will compensate the other party for their loss or damages. Other forms of resolution include:

  • Injunctions: This can be used to bring disputes to a head quickly in order to protect vital interests in real estate.
  • Mediation or arbitration: This is when a neutral party is brought in to help facilitate any discussions between the parties.
  • Various fines: Normally this happens if there is a city or state zoning or land use violation.


How We Can Help

Tom Zimmerman has successfully resolved a wide variety of complex legal issues for over 20 years. If you find yourself in a real estate dispute, you should consider hiring a business transaction attorney near Chicago. Our team of professionals at Zimmerman Law Offices understand the law and business landscape, allowing you to relieve your stress as we help fight for your rights.


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