What Is A Class Action Lawsuit?

Posted on August 30th, 2019 by Tom Zimmerman

The simple definition of a class action lawsuit is a civil lawsuit that is brought by one person or a few people on behalf of a larger group of people who have suffered similar harm or have a similar claim.


Why Is A Class Action Used?

A class action makes it easier and more affordable for people to gain financial compensation and make their experience public through a large group of people.


Is There A Cost To Joining A Class Action Lawsuit?

There is no cost when it comes to joining this type of lawsuit and if it’s successful, the lawyer fees are typically taken off the top of any recoveries. Additionally, the lawyers advance all litigation costs and expenses.


What Is The Lawsuit Process?

In Chicago, a class action lawsuit can begin once one person decides to contact an attorney and initiate the lawsuit on behalf of all those who were harmed. Most likely, more people will join in to form a substantial group and, in some cases, the law may require a minimum number of members for the class action. If you want to know for certain whether your situation will stand in court as a class action lawsuit, call our Chicago class action lawyers today and we will help you through a free case evaluation.


What Are The Class Action Lawsuit Advantages?

With not much time and little financial resources, a class action lawsuit may be the best way for you to receive the compensation you deserve. Some, but not all, advantages of joining this type of lawsuit include:

  • No lawyer fees
  • A streamlined process—one court, one judge, one decision
  • The earlier you file, the more compensation you may receive


As a Chicago class action lawyer, Tom Zimmerman will help you receive the compensation you deserve in the least stressful way, so contact our office today.

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