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Know Your Consumer Rights

While businesses are responsible for providing honest, reliable and effective services and products, as a consumer it is your responsibility to stay up to date on the laws and know your rights. With the internet and 24-hour news cycles, it is easier than ever to stay up to date with businesses you patronize and products you use. If you suspect that you have been wronged by a business, then you should call attorney Thomas Zimmerman, a Chicago class action lawyer who will fight to get the results you deserve.

Where to Find Information Regarding Consumer Rights

The Federal Trade Commission established the Bureau of Consumer Protection to stop fraud committed by businesses. They conduct detailed investigations into consumer claims and develop rules so that a fair and safe marketplace is maintained. Their website offers details about your consumer rights as well as news related to fraudulent or unsafe business practices. Another resource, http://www.consumer-action.org/ compiles information and educational materials to inform underrepresented consumers of their rights related to the marketplace. Finally, you should research businesses and products before making a purchase. The website https://www.usa.gov/before-you-shop can help you find important information to help you research businesses. A Chicago class action lawyer can help you learn more.

Recent Class Action Lawsuits

Investigations against businesses and products can occur in any industry. Below are two examples of recent class action lawsuits.

Neocate Baby Formula Allegedly Caused Baby Rickets – A group of people are alleging that Neocate is causing rickets, a condition that weakens bones and joints, due to the manufacturer failing to adhere to nutritional requirements. Rickets can cause long lasting health problems such as broken bones and skeletal malformations.

Mid-Atlantic Sports Network Text Ads Class Action SettlementA $2.5 million class action settlement was reached after it was determined that the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network sent unsolicited text messages containing advertisements. The spam text messages were determined to be a violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

Thomas Zimmerman, a Chicago Class Action Lawyer has decades of experience representing consumers in class action lawsuits. He will bring his expertise to get you the justice you deserve if you are the victim of a fraudulent business or faulty product.


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