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Renewing Your Professional License

Obtaining a professional license in the state of Illinois can be a long and detailed process and once you obtain your license, it is important to note when you will need to renew your license to keep it valid. Tom Zimmerman, an IDFPR license lawyer in Chicago, has extensive experience helping clients in the Division of Professional Regulation.

Reasons You Need to Renew Your Professional License

All professional licenses will need to be renewed. The IDFPR releases a list of professions that are currently in renewal and you are able to renew two to three months in advance of your expiration date. It is possible for your employer to do a batch renewal for all employees in their business, so it is important to ask your employer if they will be renewing your license for you. An IDFPR license lawyer in Chicago can support you through the renewal process.

Can You Renew Your License After It Expires?

Many licenses can be renewed after they expire, however, no work may be done during that time. You have a certain amount of time to renew your license after the expiration date, but if you fail to renew during that period you will have to begin the licensure process again.

Contact Zimmerman Law Offices, your IDFPR license lawyer in Chicago today for a free case evaluation, we represent clients from a wide-range of industries and have a strong background and understanding of the IDFPR, which ensures professionals are adequately qualified prior to licensure.


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