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Defending a Professional License

Obtaining a professional license in the State of Illinois is not only a professional accomplishment, it is often your key to a secure future, allowing you to work in your industry. When your license has been suspended for any reason, this puts everything you have worked for in jeopardy and your future may be at risk. Tom Zimmerman, an IDFPR license attorney in Chicago, can support you through your license reinstatement legal battle.

Reasons Your License Could Be Suspended

The IDFPR is not only responsible for issuing a license, they are also responsible for monitoring them as well. Upon learning of any infraction or complaint, the IDFPR may open an investigation into your conduct. If they determine you have failed to meet the requirements or have performed unethically they may suspend your license. There are many reasons a professional license may be suspended. If you are facing a criminal charge such as a DUI, illegal use of a weapon, or illegal use of a controlled substance, your license may be suspended by the State of Illinois. You may also have your license suspended if the IDFPR determines there has been any malpractice related to your professional practice. Medical professionals can lose their license for patient abuse, insurance fraud or medical malpractice. Realtors could lose their license for misrepresentation, non-disclosure of information, or non-disclosure of a criminal record.

What to Expect if Your License is Suspended

If your license has been suspended for any reason, you may be required to appear at the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. Tom Zimmerman, an IDFPR license attorney in Chicago, will inform you of your rights and stand by you in your license reinstatement process.

Defend Your Professional License with an IDFPR License Attorney in Chicago

If you have recently learned that you are under investigation by the IDFPR for any reason, contact the Zimmerman Law Offices. We have extensive experience in all matters relating to professional licensing, including on-site record inspection, administrative procedures and defending clients from disciplinary actions against their license.


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