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Personal injury Case in the Winter Months

Harsh weather in the winter can turn sidewalks and roads into hazardous icy paths. Black ice is particularly dangerous, as it is much more difficult to see. If these areas are not properly treated, they can lead to an injury. If you are injured in a slip and fall as a result of negligence, contact a civil litigation lawyer in Chicago to discuss your personal injury case.

What is Classified as a Personal Injury Case?

A personal injury case is a civil case where an individual files a complaint against a person, business or government alleging that their negligence or carelessness resulted in an injury. For example, many states have laws about how quickly you must clear your sidewalk after a snow or ice storm. If the property owner does not clear the sidewalk or parking lot within this time and a person is injured after slipping on snow or ice, the property owner could be found negligent. A civil litigation lawyer in Chicago will evaluate your case to determine if it is eligible for recovery.

How Can I Protect My Property from Dangerous Weather Conditions?

Be prepared for winter storms. Distribute salt around sidewalks, steps and parking lots before a storm. If you shovel and clear all snow and ice after a storm, be sure there is a clear and safe path to your home or business. Post clear signage stating that the sidewalk may be icy and proper precaution should be taken. If you are unable to shovel snow, have a plan to call a local snow removal company to be sure you are compliant with the state laws.

What To Do If I Am Injured On Someone’s Property?

The winter months can be a dangerous time to walk around. If you are injured on a person’s or business’s property due to their carelessness or negligence, call the Zimmerman Law Offices for a free consultation. Our civil litigation lawyers in Chicago will aggressively pursue the justice you deserve.


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