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What Do Civil Litigation Lawyers in Chicago Do?

If you aren’t familiar with civil litigation lawyers in Chicago, you likely don’t fully understand their role. Litigation lawyers are also called litigators or trial lawyers, and manage and oversee all phases of litigation. At Zimmerman Law Offices, Thomas A. Zimmerman, Jr has represented a wide variety of clients. From small companies to major corporations in Chicago, he can effectively represent you in a wide variety of commercial class action legal issues. Here’s how he can help.

Initial Case Assessment and Investigation

During the initial stages of your potential lawsuit, our civil litigation lawyers in Chicago will conduct a case evaluation and investigation to see whether or not it is necessary to file a lawsuit, or if your legal issue is something we can expertly litigate. This process may include research of your particular issue, research about the entities involved in your case, deciding the court in which to file the case, finding witnesses, taking witness statements, putting documents together and sifting through the facts.

Drafting Pleadings and the Discovery Process

Next, we draft and file a complaint and necessary summonses to initiate the lawsuit. Next, the discovery process will take place, which involves exchanging relevant factual information between parties. Our civil litigation lawyers in Chicago use techniques such as written discovery requests, recorded depositions, and the inclusion of third parties who might have further information about the case.

Pre-Trial & Trial Stages

Often, a lawsuit will settle between the parties before the case goes to trial. This is the result of negotiations between the attorneys for plaintiffs and defendants with the parties’ best interests in mind. If a settlement cannot be reached, a case may go to trial. During the pre-trial stage, we will prepare all of the case information for the courtroom trial. During the trial itself, we will vigorously represent you with highly developed, persuasive arguments, determine any strengths and weaknesses of the case, and adjust as needed.

Whether you need to settle a real estate dispute or require representation in complex business lawsuits, our civil litigation lawyers will be with you every step of the way. Call us today for a free consultation: 1-877-440-0020


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