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Obtaining and Defending Your Real Estate License

The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) regulates professions in Illinois, including real estate professionals. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in real estate, there are a number of requirements established by the IDFPR that you must meet. To secure your Illinois real estate broker, managing broker, or leasing agent license you must satisfy certain enumerated educational requirements and pass a written examination.

If in meeting these requirements, you encounter difficulty in securing your Illinois real estate license, you need to contact IDFPR license attorney Thomas Zimmerman. For over 20 years, Mr. Zimmerman has represented individuals who want to become licensed real estate professionals, and he has represented licensed professionals who need to protect their license from threatened disciplinary action.

Competent legal representation provided by an experienced IDFPR license attorney is especially crucial for those facing possible disciplinary action. You’ve worked hard to secure your real estate license and even harder to build your career and professional reputation, but all that can come crashing down if the IDFPR begins an investigation against you, with the possibility that your real estate license could be revoked.

If the IDFPR has contacted you about an allegation of misconduct, you should secure the services of an attorney.  It has been our experience that the outcome of these proceedings tends to be more favorable for real estate professionals who have legal representation than for those defending themselves without legal assistance.

We firmly believe that legal representation is crucial even if you are only scheduled for an informal conference with the IDFPR. Again, our experience of over 20 years tells us that your chances of securing a favorable outcome increase if you have experienced legal representation at your side.

If you are having trouble obtaining a license, or find yourself faced with possible disciplinary action from the IDFPR, obtain a copy of all supporting documentation and contact us by email or by phone at 312-440-0020 for your initial, free consultation.


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