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How to Get Professional Licensure in the State of Illinois

There are a few methods of becoming a licensed professional in The State of Illinois. The licensure process is designed in such a way that all professionals must meet certain requirements specific to their profession. These requirements are spelled out in state statutes, and in order to work in these professions, an applicant must meet the aforementioned criteria. The process of getting licensed can take several forms, including examination, endorsement, and restoration, among other methods. The method of licensure depends on the individual and his or her past professional licenses. Below are some of the different licensure methods available to professionals in Illinois.


Examinations, or exams, are designed to make sure an applicant understands important aspects of the profession in which he or she is attempting to get licensure. Exams are unique to each profession and the examination process is subject to each regulating department. Exams are generally given by state departments, but applicants may take national exams referred to by Illinois statute. Exams taken in other states may also be applicable to Illinois.


Sometimes, there are indications that an applicant has met the requirements of licensure without an examination. This could be the case for individuals or businesses. As long as the entity clearly demonstrates that they meet the requirements set by the statute, they can get licensure without an examination.


If a professional has a license from another state whose requirements or exams are similar enough to those of Illinois when the license was issued, the license may be accepted, or endorsed, in the State of Illinois.


Previously licensed individuals may be eligible for license restoration. There are a couple scenarios that may arise from restoration. The first is that the individual will need to pass an examination to restore their license. The other is that a committee may review their case and restore the license subject to the review.


Grandfathering is a method of licensure that does not consider current requirements, but relies on the requirements that were set in place at the time the applicant’s original license was obtained. There are specific instances where this is applicable and it is dependent on the profession.

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