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Resolve Your Legal Dispute with a Civil Litigation Lawyer

Civil Disputes

A civil dispute is usually instituted between organizations and individuals with the goal of seeking payment for monetary damages, or to get injunctive relief for improper conduct. You’ll require a skilled civil litigation lawyer who can offer you a wide range of legal representation depending on your particular civil suit. Civil cases can include anything from medical malpractice, personal injury, and fraud to debt collection, defamation, and breach of contract.

Advantages of a Civil Litigation Lawyer

Civil litigation lawyers help resolve disputes between two parties. A lawyer acts as the representative of his or her client, advocating for their best possible outcome. The advantage of having a civil litigation lawyer with an extensive list of credentials and a number of years of experience is that they know how to effectively fight for their client. Experienced lawyers are more flexible and have refined their negotiation skills. They litigated cases over the years which has given them practical experience and taught them the ins and outs of civil litigation.

Experience Greater Judicial Efficiency

Civil litigation that includes a class action lawsuit is handled by a single judge in one court. This uses less court time since fewer judges are involved. Not only will the suit last a shorter amount of time, this also helps reduce fees that one might incur in other types of lawsuits and provides uniformity for defendants.

What to Expect During a Civil Lawsuit

First, a complaint needs to be filed in court with a civil litigation lawyer. Then, a copy of that will be served on the defendant. A complaint describes in detail the harm caused by a defendant, and the legal basis for the dispute. There is a deadline by which the defendant and their legal team have to respond. They are expected to file a written document with the court responding to each allegation before the deadline expires.

Civil Lawsuits Can Be Settled In and Out of Court

Once the defendant has responded to the complaint, the discovery process begins. During this process, the facts for a case will be developed and prepared for trial. This is also when witnesses will be questioned and documents will be researched and exchanged. You may experience motions being filed with the court when the parties are unable to reach agreements. If a case cannot be settled between the parties out of court, then it will go to trial.


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