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Defective Products And Product Liability

There are several instances where a person has been injured or a person’s property has been damaged as a result of a defective product. Manufacturers are not the only ones that can be held liable in these cases: Those involved in sales and marketing of the product can be held liable as well. Defective products run the gamut from household appliances to drugs, toys, vehicles, and much more. Any product produced for sale or use by the public can be defective as a result of defects in design, manufacturing, or labeling. Any consumer who is injured or suffers loss or damage to property should hire a defective products attorney and sue for compensation.

Defective product resulting in injury:

It is not uncommon for a defective product to cause serious injury or death, and there are a number of ways that product liability may arise. The product could have been improperly designed or engineered, which may happen when the manufacturer is in a hurry to get the product to market. In such a situation, the failure of the manufacturer to eliminate any potential problems could be the root cause of the injury. Alternatively, the product could have been manufactured correctly, but the original product design was flawed, which in turn caused the defect.
There are other times when there is nothing wrong with the product itself. Some products are perfectly safe if used correctly, but the instructions and warning labels are inadequate. Any risks associated with the use of the product must be made perfectly clear to the consumer.

Defective products resulting in property damage:

Consumers can hire a defective products attorney and sue the manufacturer of a defective product that causes damage to their property. For example, domestic appliances can malfunction and burst into flames causing fire damage, a home’s pipes can burst causing flood damage, or insulation can be improperly manufactured causing harm to residents.

Defective product lawsuits:

Defective product lawsuits can be brought in the event of personal injury or property damage. Responsible companies include the original design group, the manufacturer, and those involved in the distribution chain including wholesalers, distributors, and even retailers. To establish liability, a defective products attorney must prove that reasonable care was not taken and that there was a legal responsibility to do so. A defendant’s acts could have been accidental or intentional, and any product that is proven defective and responsible for injury or damage can be cited in a product liability lawsuit.


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