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Contractual Disputes are Handled by Business Litigation Lawyers

Contractual disputes are but one issue handled by business litigation lawyers. Business litigation can involve just about anyone involved in business; partners, shareholders, employees, vendors, competitors, etc.

A great number of cases handled by business litigation lawyers involve disputes over a contract. A business contract written and signed by two parties has the full force of law; however, some clauses within it may be open to interpretation, causing confusion and conflict. Many contracts are drafted in such a fashion that the parties must submit themselves to arbitration before they can head to court. An arbitrator is one who is presented with all the facts from both parties and then makes a legally binding decision. Although this is often acceptable to the parties involved, the litigation lawyer is prepared for both: he or she is ready, willing and able to settle, but on the other hand has no qualms if the case goes to court.

At times we come across a tenant and his or her landlord at odds over one matter or another. A landlord may call upon a litigation lawyer when it becomes necessary to evict a sitting tenant or defend the property owner from a personal injury claim. In other instances, a dispute over a breach of a lease contract arises; if it cannot be settled through negotiation or mediation the lawyer can begin an action to evict the tenant or defend the landlord in the event he is being accused of breaching the agreement.

Many business litigation lawyers are also now incorporating debt collection into services offered to clients. In many cases a business owner will have to revert to a lawsuit to recover the monies owed. A letter from the lawyer to the lawyer to the debtor may be sufficient, but if not, the business litigation lawyer can attempt to collect the debt through a court action.

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